Company and brand introduction

"Shahryad Abadis, Exclusive Representative of Fakro Company"

Fakro is a private company registered in Poland in 1991. This company has progressed and developed rapidly to the extent that within 25 years, it has transformed from a small family-owned business into a large international corporation. - The company employs 3,300 personnel. - It holds a 15% market share worldwide. - The main product of this company is roof and wall windows, which have become a well-known brand globally. - With 12 factories worldwide, totaling 200,000 square meters, it boasts one of the largest production site networks globally. - With over 30,000 square meters of warehouse space, the company is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing quality while meeting the needs of customers worldwide. Safety, health, and environmental protection are of particular emphasis in all stages of design and production.

Exclusive agency certificate