Get to know about Shahriyad Abadis:

"We take pride in the path we have walked."

In the year 1370, after years of working in partnership with friends and colleagues, we decided to establish an independent venture and redefine our professional lives in a new format. To achieve this, we initially registered an institution named "Hatfi Construction Institute," providing consultancy and design services for residential projects. After a while, project implementation under construction contracts became part of the institute's activities. Another path with potential was investing in residential projects. Therefore, various buildings were completed and operated over the years with the investment of this group.

This journey continued until the year 1384. To expand the execution activities, in this year, the construction of government projects was added to the range of activities. Consequently, a new company named "Shahriyad Abadis" was founded in Tir month of 1384. This company successfully obtained a contracting rank from the Organization of Planning and Budget and has since executed various government and semi-government projects under construction contracts, with this ongoing trend.

Therefore, considering the provided information, this company, in the field of building engineering services, has the capability to offer a variety of services, some of which are described below:

  • Performing initial studies and preparing a feasibility plan for construction projects.
  • Architectural consultation, site analysis, initial concept design, phase one and two architectural drawings.
  • Model construction and preparation of 3D designs.
  • Performing calculations, designing, and producing structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings.
  • Contracting for government and private construction projects.
  • Investment in the residential, administrative, and commercial construction sector.

One of our concerns in various projects, especially large ones, was to ensure the supply of high-quality products from reliable sources.

Issues such as high prices and untimely delivery of goods are among the problems created by some importing companies for projects that we also encountered in various projects. To address this issue, we decided to handle foreign purchases directly and without intermediaries, similar to domestic purchases. Therefore, we established the necessary legal conditions for each project that required foreign products to be imported by ShahrYadAbadis Company at the minimum cost. This experience helped us learn the operational process of the importation and created good potential for establishing relationships with major foreign companies.

In 1393 (2014), given the established business capacity of the company, we decided to select several high-quality products from Europe and act as representatives not only to meet the needs of our projects but also to be a reliable channel for supplying goods to other projects and end consumers. To achieve this goal, we formed a joint venture with Pensaz Company, which has a long history in importing and producing construction products. With joint investment, we obtained two representations from two powerful European companies:

Krono Flooring Company in Germany,

producer of Krono Original laminate flooring and Eurohome solid wood parquet.

Fakro Company from Poland

Manufacturer of wooden and aluminum windows, ceilings, and walls.

Currently, with the establishment of a distribution and sales network, these products are available to applicants in Iran. Of course, this path continues, and our effort is to identify and add other high-quality European products that meet the needs of the Iranian market to the portfolio of products offered by this company.

In this journey, our perspective is not solely economic, and considering our long-standing experience in the field of civil engineering, we are committed to adhering to professional principles.